Worries Be Gone!

Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life? …Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.

Matthew 6: 27 & 34


I sought the Lord, and he answered me;
    he delivered me from all my fears.

                           Psalm 34:4       


When I was pregnant with Troy, I had all the routine prenatal tests done. I was told by the doctor’s office that no news was good news, and when I didn’t hear anything after having been out of town for a week, I breathed the proverbial sigh of relief and prepared to get ready to go in to work in the afternoon (I worked the late afternoon and evening shift. It was a killer on a pregnant woman with sciatica!). When the phone rang mid-preparation and it was my OBGYN’s office, telling me that I had to have an ultrasound, apprehension flooded me.


I was to drink 32 ounces of water before the ultrasound that was scheduled for later that afternoon, and I was not allowed to go to the bathroom until after the appointment. As I lay on the table, the clear gel allowing the ultrasound wand to glide over my belly, all of the what-ifs raced frantically through my mind. I had returned to church only a year and a half early, and had not walked that far with the Lord. My husband was stoic as he held my hand, and we endured the ultrasound, looking for any positive sign on the technician’s face.

And then we heard her say, ever so quietly, “oh no.”


After those two words hit my brain, all I wanted to do was yell, “You don’t say that in the company of a pregnant woman who is freaked out at the thought of something being wrong with her baby—don’t they teach you that in technician school?!?” Of course I didn’t. We asked her what was wrong. She said that she couldn’t tell me, but that there was some abnormality, and that she would have to get the doctor. She excused herself and left us our lives and sanity hanging frozen in the air around the table. We were both silent as we waited for the doctor to come over and look at the screen to interpret what the technician had seen.

The doctor looked at the screen for a nanosecond and declared, “That’s her bladder. Let her go to the bathroom.”


Yep—those 32 ounces of water I’d been instructed to drink and hold were sitting in my bladder and had extended it to where it looked like an abnormality on the screen. After I’d gone to the bathroom and returned, the ultrasound showed that nothing was wrong, and the earlier test was a false positive for spina bifida.


Worry can be like that as well, dontcha think? I realize that what I’ve illustrated was a very extreme example, but how many times have you realized that the anxiety you felt about a situation turned out to be for naught? Now please don’t misunderstand me—I’m not trying to minimize your concerns, and yes, there are times in which they are truly warranted. Not every situation will end up like my example. What you fear may happen may really happen. And even though it seems as if it is the worst thing in the world, you know what? God has it. God has you. God has the subject of your fear and concern—that child who has turned away from Him…the wayward family member…your finances…your health…this church—in check.


Paul reminds us that in all things, God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose. All things. Not just this thing or that thing, or this big honkin’ thing or that piddly little thing. ALL things. He has all things and uses all things.


He has you. Is there any other place you’d rather be, than to be upheld in His righteous right hand? Than in the shelter of the Most High? Under His wings?


Prayer Requests

  • For our nation, fraught with division and hatred
  • For first responders—those who bravely enter situations from which you and I would flee
  • For those with overwhelming health concerns
  • For the lost

I give thanks for the refuge and strength that He provides, and I pray that you experience it in all things.



“Long before Zaccheaus couldn’t see Jesus, the tree was already planted to meet his need.”


“When I understand that everything happening to me is to make me more Christlike, it resolves a great deal of anxiety.”   — A.W. Tozer