We Serve our own Church Community:

    • We host an awesome Mother’s Day Out program on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the regular school year. Please check out their own page here.
    • Our Cumberland Presbyterian Youth Group meets Sunday evenings at 6:00 p.m. Our Youth program mixes up a wonderful blend of worship, service, fun, a mission trip, Movie Night, Secret Destination, and more. Kyle Bowden leads our youth. 
  • We host a pumpkin patch each autumn, selling pumpkins and gourds, and offering beautiful picture opportunities.
  • We provide babysitting services at the Magdalena House every other month. 
  • The Monthly “Senior Lunch Bunch” gathers on the 4th Tuesday of each month at various, local restaurants. The restaurant for the next month is decided during lunch by all participating. ALL ARE WELCOME!
  • The first Saturday of each month, the men come together at 8:00 a.m. to share breakfast, coffee, prayer, discussion and fellowship. All are welcome!
  • We host a quilting and crafts ministry, Jana’s Crafters, which meets on the first Saturday of each month at 10:00 a.m. to make quilts and other items. Their desire to offer comfort, mercy and healing has also led them to branch out to the elderly and to others who are in need.

We enjoy taking care of our property and facilities, and offer these volunteer opportunities:

  • We do our own grounds-keeping, and we are proud of our lovely lawn. Teams of two serve all year ’round to mow, edge, trim, and so forth. We always welcome more volunteers to help with this important need.
  • Our “KP Duty” consists of helping tidy up the kitchen after Sunday coffee. Church members sign up to take rotating duty, and, as always, the more, the merrier!
  • We host two – four “all-church” work Saturdays each year, in which we invite all attendees to help out with special maintenance, repair or decorating needs, as well as the regularly necessary “pick up, put away, or throw away” parties any organization needs from time to time.
  • We welcome anyone who would like to help in the Sanctuary, Altar and Sacristy, helping keep things tidy and orderly, make sure all is in order for each Worship Service, note when supplies need reordering, the candlesticks need cleaning, and more. Please ask Laura McCroskey how you can help.

Stone Oak Cumberland Presbyterian Church answers a call to be the Stone Oak community church. Here are some of the ways in which we open our doors, our hearts and our facilities to the community:

  • Some of our church members volunteer to pick up some elderly church members at both Independence Hill on Huebner Road and The Laurels that they might attend both Sunday school and worship, then deliver them back to their homes.
  • If you’re interested in using our facilities for a wedding or memorial service, we would love to be of service to you. Please contact our church office for information.